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If you struggle to prepare your own meals, simply turn to our team to have us take over meal prep for you.

As you get older, routine tasks can become harder to manage, and one thing many seniors struggle with is meal preparation. Planning menus, shopping for ingredients, and cooking the food can all be made extremely difficult by the effects of aging, and many seniors become unable to cook for themselves. If you can no longer prepare your own food, you can turn to our team to get the healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals you deserve.

Meals in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana

We provide two types of meal services: meal delivery and congregate meals. Our home-delivered meals are intended for seniors who are homebound or otherwise unable to cook for themselves (for example, you may be eligible if you suffer from a condition that affects your motor skills). Our congregate meals, on the other hand, are served at designated sites such as our senior center— clients will first go through our regular assessment process, and then be able to receive a hot, nutritious meal. We ensure that all our meals comply with dietary guidelines and provide one-third of your recommended daily allowance for calories, carbs, protein, and sugar.

Our team is proud to be a part of the community here in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, and we want to help local seniors get the healthy, delicious meals they deserve. If you struggle to cook for yourself, you can instead use our meal delivery services—we will provide nutritious meals right to your door. To learn more about this service and how to apply, just give us a call.


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